Al via il progetto “Città dei venti e dei mulini a vento”
che vede Marsala capofila.
Il Comune lo patrocina


This project is the result of the collaboration of a lot of cities, both on a national and an international level. They all share a very interesting characteristic: they are windy cities.

Wind is a peculiar resource which makes the landscape unique. All the numerous windy cities taking part to this network have set up a sort of ‘Wind Route’ which, like the ‘Silk Route’, aims at facilitating economic, cultural and religious interactions amongst different parts of the world.  

We are so ambitious as to intend to achieve its same successful goals. We want to create touristic routes and specific events which will attract tourists from all over the world. The core of the tourism attraction is represented by all the outdoor sports which are linked to the wind.

This is Maurizio Pantaleo’s dream which is coming true. He has named this project ‘City of winds and windmills’ because his hometown, Marsala, is the centre of the large network he is creating. A lot of other windy cities will take part to it, Italian cities like Trapani, Mazara del Vallo, Trieste, Torbole sul Garda, and many other European and non European cities linked by their being windy and rich with windmills.

“I intend to create a network – so declares Mr. Pantaleo – which will connect all the cities of the world with plenty of windmills. This characteristic constitutes the ‘golden thread’ which will help and simplify trade cooperation, cultural exchanges and any kinds of collaboration among the partners. Together they can boost tourism all year round, create job opportunities and promote a healthy life style as their joint venture is centred on open air activities and outdoor sports”.

The project contains a lot of initiatives covering a wide range of areas: ‘City of Winds’ Prize, Windmills Festival, different kinds of national and international fairs, and an annual conference to be taken place in one of the cities of the network. The project has been fully illustrated to the local town council and has already been granted with its free patronage.

The Mayor of Marsala, Massimo Grillo, has released the following declaration: “After having promoted the ‘Punic-Phoenician Road’ and the ‘Garibaldi Itinerary’ at last year BIT Milan, the annual Milan tourism fair, today we are embracing with enthusiasm the project ‘City of winds and windmills’ that focuses on the de-seasonalization of tourism in our town. It is based on a better use of the numerous local resources, existing facilities and excellencies.  Marsala can offer a lot in terms of cultural, historical and archeological magnificence, landscape beauties, gastronomic wealth and sustainable life style. At present we are working on the networking and pooling of all our resources so that they can become attractive tourist itineraries”.

In the year 2002,  when he founded the amateur sports association  ‘The Wind Directions’ (asd ‘Le Vie del Vento’), Maurizio Pantaleo’s ideas were believed to be far-sighted as he considered kitesurf as a sport with a high tourist appeal.

“During the past twenty years – Pantaleo explains – the Stagnone Lagoon in Marsala has been growing at an exponential rate not only as regards the incoming tourism but also in relation to the accomodation facilities it offers. A lot of sport schools have been established which give sailing, kitesurfing and windsurfing courses at different levels. They have favoured the de-seasonalization of tourism, that is, the tourist flux is not any more inked to the high season time.  Many people think we have created a universe apart, far from the city centre, open to tourists all year round. So, why not creating the opportunity to fully exploit the wind as a resource and organizing events, workshops, meeting, partnerships and joint ventures which can involve all the citizens?”

Today Maurizio Pantaleo, as president of the Association ‘City of the Winds’ is trying to let this great dream of his come true and he is laying the foundations for it. In so doing he needs the support and the direct involvement of more and more people, companies and municipalities. So the first step will be gathering as much support as possible both from public institutions and private  individuals. This can be done using the form which is to be found in the website ‘’. Everyone can send the application for their ‘City of the Wind’ so that it can become member of the network.